First Registered HART Host System

First Registered HART Host System Image

In a significant development for HART technology, FieldComm Group has registered the first ever host system conforming to the HART Communication Protocol Specification. Honeywell’s Field Device Manager (FDM) passed the comprehensive Device Description (DD) Host Test and Registration Procedure, which assures industrial automation devices and systems conform to the same standard, and operate within the same environment, without loss of functionality.

Wally Pratt, director of HART technology, FieldComm Group, termed the inaugural HART DD host registration “a major milestone” in the continued progress of HART technology.

FieldComm Group is one of the only automation industry organizations with a registration program requiring mandatory testing of critical elements of its technology. This effort encompasses Field Device Integration (FDI), FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and HART host systems and field devices, as well as physical layer components such as power supplies, cables, and device couplers.

The HART DD Host Test and Registration Procedure benefits both automation suppliers and end users by enabling a high level of consistency in a multi-vendor environment. To gain registration, automation suppliers must comply with standardized test cases for all DD hosts. The registration process advances robust interoperability and integration between different manufacturers’ hosts and devices. In addition, it provides an extra measure of confidence that hosts properly employ HART technology features and can function within an open control architecture. The host has been of particular concern in the past because it is the crucial element at the system level.

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