Android-based Hazardous Area HART Communicators? Why not?

From time to time, we think it’s worth noting some of the interesting activities that our members, particularly our smaller members, are engaged in.  A couple months back in our company newsletter “Field Communications Insider” we wrote about how WirelessHART products are becoming more and more visible in our registered product catalog and how member company Aiwatech had recently registered products with a new stack that they had developed.

In this post the attention turns to HART communicators and member company ProComSol.  We received a recent press release from ProComSol touting their new COM-TABLET product.  Lot’s of people make HART communicators, but what caught my eye were the words Android and Google Play!

It looks like ProComSol has bundled together its Bluetooth enabled HART modem and DevComDroid App, with a Samsung galaxy tablet packaged for hazardous areas by ecom instruments GmbH. DevCommDroid comes bundled with the solution and additional device management, inspection, and safety apps are available through the Google Play Store and the ecom instruments website.

It’s encouraging to see companies in the process automation business trying to take advantage of some of the great products and distribution channels enabled by high-volume mobile devices. Let’s hope we see more of this type of innovation in the future.

For more information, see the press release.