HART-IP: The Instrumentation Protocol for Ethernet



FieldComm Group - India Society

Ethernet is making its way down to instrumentation. The HART-IP protocol is key to success thanks to the ease of use with a familiar instrumentation protocol, not a PLC protocol.

Topics covered include:

  • Application areas include easy to integrate instrumentation infrastructure like WirelessHART gateways and HART multiplexers, easy to use Ethernet field instruments, more powerful automation software like equipment condition and performance analytics, vibration analytics, and Intelligent Device Management (IDM), as well as easy to use Ethernet-APL field instruments coming soon.
  • Technology project benefits include shared infrastructure cost thanks to Ethernet and IP coexistence as well as fast commissioning thanks to automatic topology recognition, interchangeability, tag identification, and offline configuration and download.
  • Technology operational benefits include real-time for tight control, cybersecurity to device level, safety protocol avoids covert signal failures, redundancy for high availability, Quality of Service (QoS), interchangeability for easy field device replacement, instrumentation core parameters for easy device configuration management, and NAMUR NE107 device status for easy device diagnostics management.
  • Live demo of device and software.

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