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  • APL + HART: NOA from Vision to Reality
    Essential to the NAMUR Open Architecture vision of Process Industry 4.0 is the implementation of complementary parallel paths for real-time, deterministic control tasks on the one hand, and, on the other, all that secondary smart instrument data that is critical to understanding the health and integrity of one’s instruments and the processes they support. This webinar discusses how key standards such as the suite of HART protocol implementations across analog, wireless and the new generation of Ethernet-APL field instrument networks facilitate the secure integration of instrument data into distributed control system platforms, as well as parallel paths into local asset management solutions and even secure cloud-based applications. 


  • Q&A: Consistent Communication Using Ethernet-APL
  • Ethernet-APL Conformance: Data and Power
  • Updated EDDL Specifications Now Available
  • How to Develop and Register a WirelessHART Device 
  • PACTware 6.0 Offers FDI Interface
  • FDI Device Package Developer Training Schedule for 2022


  • Smart Extension For Legacy Process Plants
  • Modern Refinery Leverages FieldComm Group Technologies to Boost
    Capacity while Reducing Energy Consumption, Environmental Impact, Downtime and Costs (Plant of the Year 2022 story)


  • Spectrum Controls Announces Next Generation Universal Industrial Gateway
  • ABB WirelessHART Gateway – AWIN GW120
  • Azbil introduces Smart HART Modem
  • FDI - One Package to Simplify Growing Sensor Deployments
  • Microcyber WirelessHART smart wireless gateway
  • Moore Industries Key HART Products
  • Pepperl+Fuchs FieldConnex Ethernet-APL and Fieldbus Infrastructure
  • Phoenix Contact Wired HART Offering
  • ProComSol says Convert your PC or Mobile Device into a full featured HART Communicator
  • Siemens Process Automation Resource Center
  • Softing’s commKit now supports Integrator Function Block and Standardized Connection Points for FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • Yokogawa Field Instruments Resource Page

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