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Digitalization Requires Interoperability

A growing number of industrial organizations seek to move beyond legacy analog automation architectures in favor of “smart” ecosystems that optimize assets, predict maintenance schedules, and remotely diagnose impending issues—resulting in improved performance, reduced costs, and safer operations for humans and environments.

The challenge for these organizations has been integrating all their intelligent systems and devices in a standardized way.

Toay, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 are redefining manufacturing at an unmatched level of efficiency, productivity, and performance. IIoT brings together intelligent devices, advanced analytics, and people at work; its services run in the cloud and interact with physical devices via virtual representatives—all with the aim of creating valuable insights.

Automation industry stakeholders are now recognizing FDI technology as the building block of digital transformation. FDI has OPC UA built-in and allows data from intelligent device networks to be utilized by generic applications and to have this data published into the IT world with access to cloud-based applications. This standard lays the foundation for system-wide interoperability and seamless communication via cloud services. FDI-Cloud integration will help in remote data visualization to increase the transparency in asset performance monitoring and optimization of business operations across the globe.

There are many real world examples of how digitalization can benefit industrial plant operators. For instance, a new blog post by a leading FieldComm Group member, Endress+Hauser, focuses the relationship between HART Communication Protocol and IIoT. It describes how HART technology and the IIoT can be employed for asset health monitoring. Regardless of whether the installation is wired or wireless, the user can connect a HART/WirelessHART gateway to an Edge device and communicate securely with a cloud solution—providing access to robust health information no matter the location.


FieldComm Group Presents Webinar on the Value of Smart Devices

The latest installment of the FieldComm Group/Control Magazine 2019 webinar series is now available for online viewing.

Oil Mining Equipment Manufacturer is Newest Member of FieldComm Group

FieldComm Group welcomes Zhejiang Jinlong Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. as its newest member.


Digitalization: Enabling Technology for Modern Industrial Organizations

FieldComm Group technologies provide an unprecedented means to connect and integrate digital information.

Learn About a Practical Path to the Digital Future

FieldComm Group’s Plant of the Year recipient, Mangalore Refining and Petrochemical Limited, has utilized best practices in putting digitalization to work, leveraging HART field devices, adding new data through WirelessHART, and expanding its application of FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

A WirelessHART plant performance monitoring system allows utilities to reduce the cost and time required for testing procedures. These savings also allow them to perform additional types of performance tests on equipment such as steam turbines and heat recovery steam generators, leading to improvements in the operation of these critical assets.

Latest Registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Products

The number of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products registered by the FieldComm Group continues to grow. Here's a list of the latest registered and updated products.


WirelessHART: Easy to Implement, Beneficial to Plant Operations

Wiring infrastructure is not needed for battery-powered WirelessHART installations, as a wireless mesh network consisting of a gateway base station and repeaters replaces it. Including wireless can help justify a project as the incremental solutions and applications that can be added to the wireless network can demonstrate benefit beyond the original project scope.


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