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The Power of Process Automation Protocols

In today’s era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), process automation protocols play a crucial part in digital transformation. They provide the means to connect and integrate digital information, using intelligent field devices to reduce waste, improve safety and increase operational efficiency. The protocols are quite literally the foundation that the IIoT is built upon.

The possibilities of smart connected devices and software applications within an industrial plant are endless, and once a connection across the Internet is also provided, this value can be extracted to varying levels within the organization. FieldComm Group technologies have been driving digital transformation for more than two decades. FOUNDATION Fieldbus™, HART™ and WirelessHART™ devices can be the basis for digitization supporting IIoT initiatives.

FieldComm Group Strengthens its Position in the Process Automation Ecosystem

OPC Foundation, PROFIBUS/PROFINET International, and The Open Group/Open Process Automation Forum endorsed the Process Automation Device Informational Model.

New Video Describes FDI Package Repository Solves Device Revision Problems

When it comes to industrial instrumentation, device revision management is a critical task. A new video from FieldComm Group describes how its cloud-based FDI Package Repository enables automation end users and system suppliers to auto-update a host system with the appropriate FDI Package without human intervention.

2019 Plant of the Year Nominations Now Open

Do you know of a process plant or other industrial facility that sets the standard for use of FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART or FDI technology?

Refinery's "Do Things Better" Culture Leverages FieldComm Group Protocols

The 2018 Plant of the Year winner, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd., is the first award recipient from India, and continuously strives for more effective utilization of its resources and facilities.

WirelessHART Network Benefits Pharmaceutical Plants by Delivering IIoT Data

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are deploying WirelessHART instrumentation to control costs, boost performance and improve efficiency.

Participate in Our Americas Member Meeting

FieldComm Group is holding its first-ever Americas Member Meeting on April 24-25 in Austin, TX. This is an opportunity for management, marketing and technical personnel to gain valuable insights on current technology initiatives, product developments, emerging technologies, how to prepare for FDI, and industry trends as seen by ARC and Putman Media. This event is for members of FieldComm Group only. Register today: go.fieldcommgroup.org/americas2019

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