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Emerging Automation Technologies​

In recent decades, technology has undergone a major evolution, which has reshaped the nature of manufacturing operations. Industrial companies are no longer dependent on their human workforce to perform critical tasks. With digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), plant automation has become a key advantage in a competitive global marketplace. There are a host of emerging technologies enabling lean and flexible manufacturing and automation. This includes solutions such as wireless sensors and networks, advanced information and communication technology, and digital manufacturing.

For example, Standardized Connection Points (SCP) represents a major milestone within FieldComm Group’s FOUNDATION Fieldbus Usability Initiative, which can be thought of as 4-20mA for digital technology. When a field device and control system support SCP, the device can be installed on a FOUNDATION Fieldbus segment and immediately begin publishing its process variable (PV) to the system. By separating the PV from full integration, end users can get their process back online quickly without the need for a Device Description (DD) or other engineering staff.

Leading automation industry consortiums, including FieldComm Group, ODVA and Profibus International, have also joined to develop an Advanced Physical Layer (APL) solution for Industrial Ethernet. In combination with process automation and instrumentation suppliers, they are leveraging the work of the IEEE 802.3cg Task Force, which is developing amendments to the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard for an Ethernet physical layer operating at 10 Mb/s over single-pair cable with power delivery.

FieldComm Group Presents Webinar on Smart Communication Technology

A new webinar describing the latest developments in smart communication technology for process automation is available for on-demand viewing.

Digitization: Emerging Solution for Industrial Plant Operators

No single automation protocol addresses all industrial use cases – particularly with wireless. Instead, today’s environment requires secure plant floor to executive office data integration.

Learn About the Latest Advanced Physical Layer Innovations

To help optimize physical layer performance, major organizations within the industrial control industry are now working together on an Ethernet-to-the-field project that uses a two-wire, powered, intrinsically safe (IS) physical layer for IP-enabled instruments and infrastructure.

Latest Registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Products

The number of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products registered by the FieldComm Group continues to grow. Here's a list of the latest registered and updated products.

WirelessHART Technology Modernizes Power Plant Performance Monitoring

A WirelessHART plant performance monitoring system allows utilities to reduce the cost and time required for testing procedures. These savings also allow them to perform additional types of performance tests on equipment such as steam turbines and heat recovery steam generators, leading to improvements in the operation of these critical assets.

Member Sponsors Products & Solutions

Emerson’s New Wireless Gas Sensors Increase Safety for Plant Sites
Endress+Hauser Field Xpert SMT70 Tablet Among the Outstanding Products of 2018
Moore Industries Offers Economical and Versatile HIX/HIT HART Isolators
ProComSol COM-PWR: PC-Based HART Communicator with Power Supply
Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 CPU 410: Certifications Guarantee Secure Plant Operation

2019 FieldComm Group General Assembly, Working Group and Plugfest

Make plans to attend the annual event, taking place December 9-13 in Berlin, Germany. Details of the meeting will be available in the Events section of www.fieldcommgroup.org.

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