2017 June Field Communication Insider


FieldComm Group Working Groups: Delivering Value Across the Industrial Automation Space

Recent accomplishments include completion of the Field Device Integration Host Conformance Test Specification, update of Electronic Device Description Language Specification (harmonizing with FDI), and update of the FDI Specification (harmonizing with EDDL), among others. 

New Development Solution Expedites Implementation of WirelessHART

WirelessHART module joins other software and hardware tools designed to simplify the development process and provide the best chance of compliance with test specifications.

Latest Registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Products

The number of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products registered by the FieldComm Group continues to grow.

Get Ready for WirelessHART Bootcamp!

Innovative program will enable enrollees to gain an understanding of topics such as mesh networking basics, WirelessHART system design, WirelessHART and wired systems, network security, and integrating WirelessHART into the organization.

Application Snapshot: Enabling Continuous Improvement Without Breaking the Budget

This operational assessment can help plants prioritize and justify project budgets previously deemed lowpriority or unattainable with conventional wired instrumentation, as well as show how to consolidate projects that enable incremental improvements across multiple areas. 


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