2015 November Field Communication Insider


FieldComm Group presents technologies at Emerson Exchange FieldComm Group joined other leading organizations showcasing solutions to help make industrial operations safer, more efficient and more productive.

China's ISCAS R&D Institute joins FieldComm Group The Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) is the newest member of FieldComm Group.

Technology Usability Initiative gains momentum The project's goal was to provide a managed infrastructure for process automation that allows end users to focus on their processes and their plants, not the technology tying everything together behind the scenes.

HART Test System Release 3.2 now available The HART Test System (HCF_KIT-192) is designed to automate testing of the Data Link Layer and Application Layer of wired HART products.

Alabama steel mill receives "Plant of the Year" honors Congratulations to all who contributed to the Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa facility being recognized as the 2014 Plant of the Year.

Greenfield mining operation protects assets with WirelessHART Lundin Mining chose to install a WirelessHART network to monitor and protect its essential equipment.

Latest registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products The number of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART products registered by the FieldComm Group continues to grow.

2015 General Assembly held in Tokyo, Japan This annual event is open to group members and non-members, and will be attended by leading industrial automation suppliers and end users from around the world.


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