2015 July Field Communication Insider


FieldComm Group officially debuts at ACHEMA 2015 Fair

The new organization is dedicated to advancing intelligent integration in process control and instrumentation, and it was officially introduced to the global process industry at the 2015 ACHEMA Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, June 15-19. 

FieldComm Group describes role in the future of process automation

FieldComm Group was established to develop, manage and promote global standards for integrating digital devices into automation system architectures while protecting existing investments in the HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication technologies. 

FDI specifications, tools and host components delivered to automation market

FieldComm Group will provide comprehensive support for FDI development, which includes technical assistance and conformance testing around the world. Its goal is to ensure a high-quality standard that maintains interoperability between protocols and vendors, and enables backward compatibility between generations of field devices and host systems. 

IDX Academy becomes first accredited training facility under FieldComm Group

This program establishes uniform standards for fieldbus end-user educational curriculum around the globe and defines acceptable levels of learning for students of the technology.

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