FDI Basics

FDI Basics

Here's a step-by-step recipe for success with FDI for instrument manufacturers.  Follow this guide to learn how to migrate your existing DD based instruments to support FDI Packages.

Why do I need a Device Package?

First of all – don’t worry! In your daily work there will be no need to know any details about Device Packages – just this: there is exactly one package for each device and it is used by all your tools or systems, ranging from handheld devices and standalone PCs to complete process automation systems with sophisticated control and asset management functions. The usage of such tools is state of the art, even for simple devices.

A Device Package describes a field instrument in terms of

■  Definition of general aspects of a device (Def )

■  The business logic of the device (BL)

■  Structure and content of the user interface (UID)

■  Optional user interface plug-ins (UIP)

■  Attachments

The Device Definition (Def ) describes the field device data and the internal structure (e. g. blocks)

The Business Logic (BL) of the device primarily ensures that the device data remain consistent, (e. g. refresh data when unit is changed).

User Interface Descriptions (UID) and User Interface Plug-ins (UIP) define the field device user interfaces. The mandatory UID allows the complete operation of a field device. The optional user interface plug-ins (UIPs) offer the advantages of freely programmable user interfaces familiar from FDT, based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Product documentation, protocol-specific files, such as GSD or CFF, etc. will all be added to the FDI Package as Attachments.