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King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) is one of leading public universities in Thailand. KMITL was established in 1960 with the aims to provide education and to promote research and development in science and technology for the industrial and economic development of Thailand as well as to instill the students a desire to serve a society. With royal permission, KMITL bears the royal name of King Rama IV, known as Father of Thai Science, and has its symbol, the royal crown emblem. Today the institute provides more than 130 programs in 12 Faculties. KMITL also focuses on multidisciplinary programs which are based not only on the strong experience of KMITL in science and technology but also on knowledge in other fields such as business and management. In addition, KMITL receiving strong supports from leading automation manufacturers and companies is the first university in Thailand to offer undergraduate and graduate programs in Automation Engineering.

Fieldbus Regional Training Center operated by Faculty of Engineering (Automation Engineering) at KMITL was founded under strong supports from the former Fieldbus Foundation Association Thai in 2009.   


Training Dates

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Course Name Date
FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist July 22-23, 2019
FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist August 219-20, 2019
HART and WirelessHART Fundamentals September 23-24, 2019
FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist October 21-22, 2019
HART and WirelessHART Fundamentals November 18-19, 2019
FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist November 25-26, 2019

Course Descriptions

FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist

This course is designed for everyone who wish to build their careers around this technology. The aim of this course is to provide not only an overview of FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology objectives, scopes, and user benefits but also a theoretical and practical understanding of this technology sufficient to begin application of FOUNDATION Fieldbus products.

Course highlights include:

  • Introduction to Fieldbus
  • Communication Models
  • Design of a simple Fieldbus system
  • Wiring and Installation
  • Device Communications
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus Advantages
  • Demonstrations

Who should attend: Salespeople, End User Management, Estimators, Operations Staffs, Quality Control Specialists, and Reliability Analysts.

There is no prerequisite for this class. Handout material included with course fee.

Attendance: minimum of attendees is 4.

Course length: 2 Days   

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HART and WirelessHART Fundamentals

This course is aimed at engineers and technicians as well as support and marketing staffs who need to have basic technical knowledge of the HART technology. Attendees learn how HART and WirelessHART work and how to design, install, configure, commission, troubleshoot, and operate the HART and WirelessHART networks.


  • HART Layers
  • HART vs. FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • WirelessHART vs. ISA100.11a
  • HART and WirelessHART Network Design
  • Installation and Commissioning

Practical Exercises

  • System&Device Configurations
  • Commissioning
  • Operation and Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostics

There is no prerequisite for this class. Handout material and meal are included with the course fee.

Attendance: minimum of attendees is 4.

Course length: 2 Days 

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Contact the KMITL staffs for registration information. Email:


Map & Directions

Automation Engineering Building, Faculty of Engineering is located in the Bangkok campus of KMITL in the eastern suburb of Bangkok. The campus is situated close to Suvarnabhumi Airport and can be conveniently accessed by car and public transport.



How to get here

- By Car

The campus can be accessed from both Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway and Onnut (Sukhumvit 77) Road (see the map above for direction).

o To reach the campus from inner Bangkok via Onnut Road, drive along Onnut Road toward Ladkrabang. When reaching a wide 3-way intersection with an entry to Suvarnabhumi Airport on the right and an overpass straight ahead, keep left (do not cross the overpass) and turn left to enter Chalongkrung road. Continue driving along Chalongkrung road for 500 meters and you will be in the KMITL campus area.

o To reach the campus from inner Bangkok via Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway, drive eastward along Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway. When seeing the sign for exit to Suvarnabhumi Airport, continue to drive along the Motorway for 3 Km and then keep left to take the U-Turn overpass. Once u-turned, continue driving for 1 Km, then take the second exit on the left (the exit for Suvarnabhumi Airport) but once you have exited the Motorway, keep right and look out for the sign to KMITL. There will be another exit on the right to enter the frontage road. Take that exit and when reaching the frontage road, take another u-turn. Drive along the frontage road for about 1 Km and there will be an entrance to the campus on the right.

- By Airport Rail Link

The campus is only 4km from Ladkrabang station on the Airport Rail Link route. To reach the campus via the Airport Rail Link, take a City-Line train toward Suvarnabhumi Airport and get off at Ladkrabang station (which is one stop before Suvarnabhumi station). Then take a short taxi ride from the station to the KMITL campus.

Timetable of Airport Rail Link (

- By Rail

The KMITL campus is situated on the eastern railway from Hua Lam Pong station. To reach the campus by train, take an east-bound train or a suburban train and get off at Pra Chomklao station, which is located inside the campus.

- By Bus

The following bus routes pass the KMITL campus:

o Route 517 from Chatuchak to KMITL campus

o Route 143 from Happyland to KMITL campus

o Route 1013 from the beginning of Onnut (Sukhumvit 77) road to Hua Takae market

o Route 1013 from Seri Center shopping complex to Ladkrabang Industrial Estate

- By Minibus

There are mini-bus services between KMITL campus and the following places:

o The Mall Bangkapi Shopping Center

o Mo Chit

o Victory Monument

o Seacon Square Shopping Center

o Happyland Shopping Center

o Minburi

o Future Park Rangsit Shopping Center

The mini-bus terminal is located at the intersection between Chalongkrung road and the railway.


Campus Map

The Automation Engineering building is a workshop building painted light blue and situated close to KMITL post office, Pratep building complex, and ECC building.

Campus Map