SafeHART™ Webinar


SafeHART™ - Safety System Support for all HART Technologies

FieldComm Group hosted a webinar on June 22, which introduced attendees to the SafeHART safety layer. Watch on-demand to learn how to bring the simplicity of HART to safety systems across the many physical layers of HART technology, including HART 4-20, WirelessHART and HART-IP.

We reviewed the core requirements for SafeHART™ communication and SIL certification, and also discussed the topics of interoperability between SafeHART™ and the installed base of Remote I/O, WirelessHART® Gateways and tools. You will learn about SafeHART applications, opportunities and user benefits, such as adding new safety functions using WirelessHART, experiencing safe digital communications while retaining existing current loop and communicating with FDI hosts and safety controllers simultaneously. 


  • Welcome
  • What is a safety system?
  • Introduction to SafeHART™
  • SafeHART™ and Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Applying SafeHART™ - Benefits and Opportunities
  • Q&A